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All the things!

5 short months ago, our small but mighty team released Matcha to the world. Today, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve surpassed over $1B in cumulative volume across just 55 tokens - and it’s all thanks to our passionate user base of thousands of traders from Hong Kong to the US to Finland.

To celebrate this milestone, and in response to the insatiable demand our users have for accessing more markets through Matcha, we’ve enabled over 1,000+ new tokens along with the ability to add custom tokens to Matcha through a best-in-class experience that ensures anyone in the world can access and trade any market on Matcha with just a few clicks.

Starting today, when you navigate to the Explore page, you’ll now be able to search all available markets and begin trading immediately with assurance that Matcha will do the work to find you the best price for your trade across over 14 sources of liquidity. What’s more, because of the incredible work our team has done to create a custom routers for sources like Uniswap, it’s always cheaper to trade through Matcha than directly at the source.

Separately, if you find yourself unable to locate a specific token that you’d like to trade, you can follow our simple custom token flow to add the contract address and begin trading instantly.

We’ve been extremely humbled by the response to Matcha in the few short months since launch, and we have much more planned before the end of the year that will continue to make Matcha the best place to trade tokens.

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