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Matcha Community Art Contest

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Matcha Community Art Contest

Calling all artists, meme lords, and Matcha enthusiasts!

Judging by the feedback we’ve seen on Matcha and Twitter, it seems like you all are as excited about Matcha 2.0 as we are. To celebrate, we’re going to give away $10k in ZRX tokens as part of the Matcha Community Art Contest!

How the contest works
This community art contest will take place over 10 days and each day will have its own theme. Each day, we will announce a theme on the @matchaxyz Twitter account and you will have 24 hours to create and submit your original art. Once the 24 hours is up, the Matcha team will select a winner (who will receive $1K in ZRX tokens), and a new theme will be announced for the next 24 hour period. Participants are eligible to submit up to 3 pieces of art for consideration in each theme.

What type of art is eligible
You can define “art” however you want. Drawings, 3D renderings, memes, paintings, sculptures, videos, songs, etc. The only restrictions are: 1) your art must be original (remixing other pieces is fine as long as there is no copyright claim against what you’re remixing), and 2) the art must somehow tie into the theme for that day.

How to participate

  1. Create your art
  2. Tweet your entries by tagging @matchaxyz and adding #matcha20 somewhere in your post before the 24 hours is up
  3. Wait for the new theme to be dropped
  4. Repeat

Contest Eligibility

  • All entries must be submitted via Twitter per the instructions outlined above.
  • Each Twitter account can submit a maximum of 3 entries per day. If more are submitted, only the first 3 will be considered for being selected as the winner.
  • Twitter accounts are eligible to win the $1k ZRX prize in multiple categories.
  • Matcha team has the sole authority to pick the contest winners.
  • To claim the $1K ZRX token prize, participants must not reside in an OFAC-sanctioned country or be an OFAC-sanctioned individual/group.

Have fun creating! We’re excited to see what you come up with!


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