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Earn ZRX by going down the RabbitHole with Matcha

Earn ZRX by going down the RabbitHole with Matcha

We're thrilled to be partnering with RabbitHole, a new platform that rewards you for interacting with different Ethereum products! To celebrate this launch, in addition to the standard XP that you earn for completing various RabbitHole tasks, anyone who completes all of the Matcha specific tasks will earn a bonus reward in ZRX tokens (while supplies last).

What is RabbitHole?

RabbitHole is a platform that tracks your progress down the crypto rabbit hole. There are two objectives in RabbitHole: 1) complete quests and increase your XP, which entitles you to exclusive rewards in the future, and 2) complete tasks to earn tokens by completing campaigns.

Campaigns are application-specific and require the user to complete single or multiple tasks. If the user completes all the tasks before the rewards run out, they are eligible for the token reward.

How RabbitHole works

RabbitHole is a web3-native application that sits on top of a querying layer and uses your Ethereum public key as your identity, watching your smart contract interactions across multiple Ethereum smart contracts. If you’ve completed a task on RabbitHole, you’ll be notified that you’re eligible to redeem the quest when you visit RabbitHole again.

The Matcha campaign

Our initial campaign will run from December 7 - 14, 2020, with the following tasks:

  • Swap any tokens on Matcha
  • Swap from any token to a stablecoin on Matcha
  • Swap from any token to a yield farming token on Matcha

The first 1,000 users who complete all three tasks will be awarded 250 XP + 15 bonus ZRX tokens.

  • Users who complete the campaign beyond the first 1,000 will still receive XP but not the bonus ZRX tokens.
  • Users will receive XP for each task completed but will only receive the bonus ZRX tokens upon completing the entire campaign (i.e., all three tasks).
  • Users must be fully verified with BrightID to receive the bonus ZRX tokens. This can be done at any point before submitting the completed campaign or after submission.


1. Visit RabbitHole and connect your non-custodial wallet of choice.

2. Verify your wallet with BrightID. BrightID is a social identity network that allows people to prove to applications that they're only using one account. You must first download and install it on your mobile device and then verify yourself on the app. Learn more about BrightID and how it works here.

3. After installing the BrightID app on your mobile device, scan the QR code to verify your wallet.

IMPORTANT: You may need to make a few BrightID connections to become fully verified and receive the bonus ZRX tokens. You can confirm your verification status within the app itself. For information on how to make a connection, check out the walkthrough.

💡 PRO TIP: The quickest way to get fully verified is to join a verification party which BrightID hosts every day.

4. Return to RabbitHole and start your quest! Click on the task that you’d like to complete and continue your journey on Matcha.

5. After making the requisite trade, the task should now be redeemable. Click the Redeem button and collect your XP!

6. When all of the remaining Matcha tasks have been completed, click the Submit button on the quest summary to finish the campaign and claim your bonus ZRX token reward. If successful, you should see a message that “Your reward is being queued!”

NOTE: ZRX rewards will be distributed periodically in batches, so don’t worry if you don’t see any tokens immediately transferred to your wallet.

We hope that you enjoy using RabbitHole and getting rewarded on Matcha! Please join us on Telegram to let us know about your experience and whether you’d like to see us do more campaigns like this in the future.


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