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Five New Liquidity Sources Now Available on Matcha

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Five New Liquidity Sources Now Available on Matcha

We’re excited to announce that Matcha now has five new liquidity sources! Starting today, Matcha users will be able to automatically take advantage of liquidity provided by Maker PSM, Kyber DMM,,, and Adding these liquidity sources will add even more depth to the already deep stablecoin liquidity and will provide the first liquidity source for USDP trading on Matcha.

As a reminder, Matcha pools liquidity across all the major Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks to make DEX trading as easy and efficient as possible. Matcha can even split individual trades across multiple liquidity sources to help you be sure you’re getting the best prices the market can offer, without having to put in the time and effort of checking multiple exchanges.

Meet the New Liquidity Sources

Maker PSM
Maker PSM gives users increased DAI stability and allows them to swap other stablecoins for DAI at a fixed rate. Integrating with Maker PSM will provide more liquidity for Matcha users on Ethereum stablecoins.

Kyber DMM
Kyber DMM is the world’s first dynamic market maker allowing for automated market making with greater flexibility and extremely high capital efficiency. Integrating with Kyber DMM will provide an additional liquidity source for Matcha users on Ethereum stablecoins.
Saddle is an automated market maker for pegged value crypto assets. Saddle enables anyone holding a pegged value crypto asset to trade in between other pegged assets with minimal slippage, ensuring users don’t lose value while trading. Integrating with Saddle will bring Matcha users better stablecoin liquidity on Ethereum.
Smoothy is a novel stablecoin swapping protocol that is capable of supporting 20+ stable coins in a single pool with low-cost low-slippage swapping and maximum interest earning for LPs. Integrating with Smoothy will give Matcha users better stablecoin liquidity across both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
Component is a community fork of Shell protocol that seeks to provide a reliable, flexible protocol for stablecoin swap without interface censorship. Integrating with Component will give Matcha users access to USDP liquidity for the first time and deepen liquidity for other stablecoins on Ethereum.

NOTE: You don’t need to do anything to take advantage of these new liquidity sources on Matcha as orders will continue to be smartly routed through whatever liquidity sources are most efficient.

We are always on the lookout for new liquidity sources that will help make Matcha the most trusted DEX to trade on in the world. Why use one exchange when you can use them all? Connect your wallet by going to and start trading on Matcha today!

Happy trading! 🍵🚀


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