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Matcha is live on Celo!

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Matcha is now live on Celo

Matcha is now available on Celo!

Celo is a blockchain that maintains full EVM compatibility for smart contracts. However, it’s different to Ethereum, using a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus mechanism rather than Proof of Work. Celo also has different block format, transaction format, client synchronization protocols, and gas payment and pricing mechanisms.

As always for chains added to Matcha, our frontend will search all major DEXs on Celo including Celo AMM, Mento, Ubeswap, Mobius, Symmetric, and Sushi to find you the best prices for your crypto assets.

Matcha splits trades across multiple liquidity sources to find you the best price the market can offer, which reduces the time and effort you have to spend price hunting. As always, these features are available without added trading fees or commissions only on Matcha.

How to trade on Celo with Matcha

How to trade on Celo on Matcha
  1. Visit
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Search for the tokens you want to trade (make sure you select the token on the Celo version of the token)
  4. Approve the network switch within your wallet (if needed)
  5. Trade on Celo!

Start trading on Celo through Matcha today! 🚀 🍵


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