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Matcha is now live on Arbitrum!

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Matcha is now live on Arbitrum!

We’re excited to announce that Matcha is now available on Arbitrum!

Arbitrum is a leading EVM-compatible optimism rollup chain that makes it cheaper and easier for users to transact on top of Ethereum. Matcha users can now trade a wide variety of popular tokens on Arbitrum.

As always, Matcha will search all major DEXs on Arbitrum, including Balancer, Curve, GMX, Synapse, Sushiswap, and Uniswap, to find you the best prices for your tokens. Matcha splits trades across multiple liquidity sources to get you the best price the market can offer, reducing the time and effort you have to spend price hunting. All of these features are available without added trading fees or commissions.

How to trade on Arbitrum with Matcha

  1. Bridge your assets to Arbitrum (if needed)
  2. Visit
  3. Connect your wallet
  4. Search for the tokens you want to trade (make sure the Arbitrum network is selected in the drop-down above the price chart)
  5. Approve the network switch within your wallet (if needed)
  6. Trade on Arbitrum!

Start trading on Arbitrum through Matcha today! 🚀 🍵


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