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Matcha 2.0: Our Biggest Update Ever

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Matcha 2.0: Our Biggest Update Ever

We’re excited to announce that Matcha 2.0 is here! This is the biggest update we’ve ever made to Matcha; the team has been working tirelessly to address feedback we’ve received from our beloved community over the past months to provide a trading experience that is even more intuitive, secure, responsive, and powerful.

Since launching Matcha almost one year ago, more and more traders are learning about the importance of using a DEX aggregator and we’ve seen Matcha traders drive over $10B in volume. With Matcha 2.0, we are continuing to push the boundaries of what traders should expect from the DEX trading experience. We really hope you enjoy the new features and capabilities!

Fiat on-ramp with MoonPay: Go from Zero to DeFi in minutes

Converting fiat currency (USD, EUR, etc.) into crypto to access DEX markets has always been a long and involved process that requires traders to jump through hoops. We think DEX traders deserve better. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Matcha has integrated MoonPay to become the first DEX aggregator with built-in fiat onramps!

Now traders can use a credit or debit card directly on Matcha to purchase crypto! We’re also proud to support our growing global user base by accepting over 160 different national currencies through our MoonPay integration. To celebrate, the first $200K in fiat on-ramped through Moonpay on Matcha will pay zero fees!

To begin buying crypto with your fiat currency, select the “Connect Wallet” button and then “Get Started”. You can use any crypto wallet (or create one on Matcha), fund your wallet, and buy some ETH to start trading without ever leaving Matcha. Matcha is the best place to get started using DeFi!

Get started with buying crypto here:

Matcha OTC: Stop leaking value to bots, safely trade large amounts

Having a trade fail due to a front-running bot or settle at a worse price due to a sandwich attack is one of the most frustrating experiences when using a DEX and it happens all too often. Matcha OTC is here to protect you from prying eyes. By using Matcha OTC, you trade directly with professional market makers to get better pricing and trade without slippage across popular trading pairs (WETH-USDC, WETH-DAI, WETH-USDT, and WETH-WBTC).

With Matcha OTC, professional market markers compete to offer you the best quoted price. Since the quoted price is locked in, you get exactly what you’re quoted with no slippage. Matcha OTC quotes can only be filled by you, allowing you to trade without risk of front-running or sandwich attacks. Comfortably complete $1K-1M trades knowing that you aren’t leaking value to bots. Matcha OTC is a critical tool for whales that move large size.

Unified Multi-chain product experience with support for Polygon

As the crypto space goes multi-chain, assets, users, and liquidity will be fragmented across many blockchains. The Matcha 2.0 release represents our first step toward providing users with a single, cohesive product experience that allows users to treat assets and liquidity like it all exists in a single place. No more switching between applications to use different blockchains; we unified Matcha’s product experience across Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon so users can focus on the assets rather than the networks.

With the addition of Polygon Network, traders can take advantage of increased scalability and lower gas fees while still trading a wide selection of tokens. As always, Matcha will search all major DEXs on Polygon to find you the best price, including QuickSwap, Dfyn, SushiSwap, and many others. All without added trading fees or commissions.

Your quality of life is our priority

Easily create and manage custom watchlists on Matcha. Wake up feeling dangerous, anon? Ape into something from your ”Moonshots“ watchlist. Market feeling frothy? Trade into an asset from your “Diamond Hands” watchlist. Organize and easily take action trading you favorite tokens with watchlists.

Portfolio Tracker
Automatically track the value of assets in your connected wallet. Track your portfolio’s performance at a glance.

Dark mode
You asked for it. You got it. Sometimes you just want to live a little on the dark side.

We know there’s a lot to digest in the Matcha 2.0 release, so keep an eye out for deep dives into all of Matcha’s new features in the near future. For now, enjoy exploring the new feature set and happy trading!

About Matcha:

Matcha is decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that allows anyone to discover and easily access tokens at the best prices. Trade without a middleman while keeping full custody of your crypto assets. Always get the best price by searching across all major DEXs including Uniswap (V2 and V3), SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, Curve, and many more. Trade transparently, with zero added fees or commissions.

Why trade on one exchange when you can trade on them all? Try Matcha today!

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