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More savings on Matcha!

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More savings on Matcha!

We’re excited to announce that Matcha is upgrading our backend infrastructure to support 0x V4 in order to continue delivering the best prices on the market to our users.

Since the launch of Matcha just 8 months ago, Matcha users have securely exchanged over $4 Billion in value and have saved millions thanks to our aggregated order routing system enable by 0x. With our upgrade to 0x V4, these savings will get even better by delivering up to 70% savings on gas costs and making Matcha up to 4% cheaper to trade through than Uniswap, Sushiswap, or any other DEX interface directly.

While these initial savings improvements are massive, they are not the end by any stretch. In the coming months, we’ll also be rolling out support for additional savings improvements including an estimated 10% improvement on limit order pricing, additional liquidity sources, and much more.

What do Matcha users need to do?

Starting today, existing Matcha users can begin taking advantage of these savings by:

  1. Connecting your wallet to Matcha
  2. Navigate to a token you’d like to trade
  3. Approve the 0x V4 contract when prompted in your connected wallet
  4. Happy Saving! 🍵🚀

If you have additional questions about the approval process for V4 check out our FAQ on approvals here.


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