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Quote Comparisons are now live!

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Quote Comparisons are now live!

We’re excited to announce that Quote Comparisons are now live on Matcha!

We love hearing directly from users about why they keep coming back to Matcha and how we can make the experience even better. While users often mention Matcha’s intuitive design, full market coverage across 7 blockchains, and industry-leading prices, it always comes back to the fact that Matcha puts users first. As Matcha users ourselves, our team is constantly striving to build a product experience to be proud of.

Starting today, when you go to trade on Matcha you will be greeted with a newly added Quote Comparison widget to quickly see how much money you’re saving by using Matcha compared to alternative products (Uniswap initially). You’ll also notice that the swap widget has been totally revamped. You can now see the USD equivalent for token inputs and outputs, the estimated price impact, and how the trade is being routed.

To dig deeper into the savings calculation, click on the Quote Comparison widget to bring up the detailed Quote Comparison modal. From here, you can get a complete view into the savings calculation, including a comparison of the raw quoted prices, gas fees, and slippage associated with each of the compared routes.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • You Receive: the number of units of Buy token received
  • You Pay: the number of units of Sell token paid
  • Average Slippage: The estimated amount of slippage for the given trade route
  • Network Fee: How much you must pay to execute the swap on the blockchain
  • Total Savings: The total amount saved ($) by using Matcha

Say goodbye to MEV attacks

The rollout of Quote Comparisons also includes powerful new functionality on Matcha: MEV-aware smart order routing powered by 0x API with Slippage Protection. Slippage Protection enables Matcha to surface more reliable quotes and consistently deliver you the best executed price.

How does it work? You may have noticed that the final price you get when trading on Matcha and other DEXes is sometimes worse than the price you were quoted. This usually occurs when trades are sandwiched by MEV bots, resulting in negative slippage. Slippage is the difference between the quoted price shown in the UI and the actual executed price once the trade hits the blockchain. 0x API with Slippage Protection calculates average slippage using historical data from live trades and factors it into finding the optimal route for your trade.

As always, Matcha will search all major DEXs to find you the best price for your tokens. And now, with 0x API’s Slippage Protection, orders will be routed to avoid slippage and MEV attacks when it will result in a better executed price.

Slippage Protection is currently supported on Ethereum for the most active trading pairs (ETH-USDC, ETH-DAI, ETH-USDT, ETH-WBTC, WETH-USDC, WETH-DAI, WETH-USDT, WETH-WBTC). Going forward, Slippage Protection is expected to support even more pairs and chains.

For more information about 0x API with Slippage Protection, check out the 0x blog.

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Matcha is now live on Arbitrum!

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