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Say hello to Matcha!

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Say hello to Matcha!

Today, we’re thrilled to finally release Matcha into the world, a simple decentralized crypto exchange designed for everyone! After nearly 3 years of building the 0x protocol and enabling others to build great DeFi products, our team had a ton of new ideas for how we could make it easier for more people to access exciting new markets.

At 0x, we believe that tokenization combined with global peer-to-peer markets will help to eliminate the geographic lottery and unlock latent human potential. That is why we set out to rethink the exchange experience and build the foundation to onboard the next wave of crypto traders.

What makes Matcha different?

First, you’ll notice that the homepage features token shortcuts and a search field. On other exchanges, navigating to markets requires clicking into two different dropdown menus to find the assets you’re looking for. With Matcha search, you can quickly type out whatever token or pair you’re looking for and immediately jump into that market to begin trading.

Eventually there will be hundreds of assets with thousands of different pair combinations you can trade. So, we wanted to make it as fast as possible for traders to find and navigate to whatever markets they’re looking for with fewer interactions, no matter where they are on Matcha.

We find the best prices for you

Under the hood, Matcha splits trades across 0x Mesh, Kyber, Uniswap, Curve, Oasis, and our own proprietary liquidity sources to find the best prices for traders. As our team adds additional liquidity sources, Matcha will continue to improve to ensure traders are receiving the best prices the market can offer, which reduces time and effort spent price hunting.

It's all about the tokens

On most exchanges, tokens aren’t given nearly enough prominence or the love they deserve. They are merely a list item hidden inside a dropdown menu. Traders are required to learn about and discover these assets on their own time. We believe a good exchange should make it easier for people to learn about the things they’re investing in. That’s why we’ve invested in building out asset pages which will serve as a destination for people to discover and learn about new tokens. We look forward to improving these alongside the various token projects and communities over time.

Matcha is your friend

Most exchanges and DeFi products require you to be an expert going in. We heard time and time again from people who use DEX’s regularly, that they can still sometimes be scary. Whether it’s losing money due to extreme slippage or fat fingering a trade. We want to make sure that you always feel smart and in control when you’re using Matcha. We make sure that we tell you what is going on, we use friendly language and protect you and your money.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident trading on Matcha. Which is why we will continue to invest in education, new user onboarding and abstracting away the complexities of the blockchain wherever possible.

Try Matcha now!

We’re really excited for you to start trading on Matcha! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram if you have any questions. We’d love to hear your ideas for how we can make Matcha even better. Thank you to everyone who already shared feedback during the beta, your input was vital.

Finally, I’d like to give a huge thank you and shoutout to the team for all the incredible work! Go follow everyone on Twitter!


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