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Limit Orders upgraded to 0x V4!

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Limit Orders upgraded to 0x V4!

We're excited to announce Limit Orders on Matcha have been upgraded to 0x Protocol V4, and are now live.

Why we upgraded to V4

More efficient approvals

With Limit Orders in V3, there were separate allowance addresses to maintain between order types (Market Order, Limit Order) on Matcha. With 0x v4, all exchange approval is consolidated to a single address, the 0x Exchange Proxy. This means that users only need to approve one address and to have access to the entire 0x Protocol Exchange Proxy, capable of all sorts of types of swaps, including Limit Orders, Market Buys/Sells, and even more functionality in the future.

Multichain Limit Orders

Upgrading Matcha Limit Orders to 0x Protocol V4 allows Matcha's Limit Orders to go multichain. We have plans to launch Limit Orders on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain in the near future and are planning for other chains shortly thereafter.

How to use Limit Orders on V4

How does this impact you as a Matcha user?

The next time you go to place a limit order for a token, if you have not already approved the 0x Exchange Proxy address, you will need to approve the 0x Exchange Proxy.

The V4 approval address is 0xdef1c0ded9bec7f1a1670819833240f027b25eff.

*NOTE: All open existing V3 orders will remain active and cancellable, but all new limit order creation will use 0x V4.

If you encounter any problems with the V4 rollout, you can still access all V3 limit order functionality here:

Are you an arb bot? refer to this guide to learn how to subscribe to Matcha limit orders and fill them.


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