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Introducing Matcha Auto and 10+ new upgrades to your trades

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Introducing Matcha Auto and 10+ new upgrades to your trades

We’re excited to release the latest version of Matcha, offering a new proprietary transaction mode and multiple improvements to your trading experience, including the widest token availability in web3. Trade on!

Our mission is to create the most frictionless experience for you to search and trade tokens. After over 79,000 signups for Matcha’s closed beta and dozens of rounds of feedback, we’re proud to take our mission one step further by sharing the latest version publicly.

With over 3.7 million tokens indexed and 100+ DEX liquidity sources across eight chains, the new Matcha offers the widest market coverage in the crypto ecosystem.

We are also thrilled to introduce a new, proprietary transaction mode: Matcha Auto.

New transaction mode: Matcha Auto

Everything we build on Matcha leverages 0x’s technology and expertise, and Matcha Auto is no different. Developed using 0x’s Tx Relay API, Matcha Auto is a transaction mode that offers faster trade confirmation and zero failed trades, all while keeping the same great prices - taking us one step closer to combining decentralized trading with a frictionless trading experience.

When performing a Swap in Matcha, users can now choose from two transaction modes: Standard or Matcha Auto.

Matcha Auto leverages the best of Matcha’s intelligent platform, all for a small percentage fee:

⚡ Faster trade confirmation.

Matcha Auto dynamically adjusts gas fees in real time, making your trade 2x more likely to land in the next block, so you can trade before the market moves. Avoid having transactions stuck in the mempool, or scrambling to adjust a price when the network is congested.

✅ Reduce failed trades by 85%.

Transaction failure rates for leading DEX apps average 8-10%, spiking upwards of 20% during network congestion. Matcha Auto monitors your transactions to ensure trades successfully land onchain an incredible 98.5% of the time.

⛽ Matcha handles the gas.

We embed gas fees into the trade and cover re-submission costs, so you don’t have to worry about failed transactions or holding native tokens in your wallet to make a trade.

On a technical level, Matcha Auto wraps 0x Swap API’s world-class smart order routing into a highly optimized meta-transaction, allowing you to get the same great price without handling gas fees. This technology not only unlocks a more frictionless experience, it will also allow Matcha to leverage the latest advancements in the MEV space...This is a sneak peek of our roadmap, so stay tuned!

More than 10 new upgrades

We’ve spent the past year hard at work gathering feedback from the existing Matcha community and a range of web3 enthusiasts, including some of the largest DEX traders in the space. Through this process we’ve made dozens of improvements to Matcha, some of which you’ll have to uncover for yourself, but here are 10 significant upgrades you can’t miss:

1. Deeper liquidity and wider market coverage. We’ve increased the number of liquidity sources by 47%, from 70 to 100+ DEXs.

Built to meet your liquidity needs. Matcha routes trades across more than 100 liquidity sources on eight chains, including the latest AMM designs utilizing concentrated liquidity and 0x RFQ. Capitalize on market opportunities wherever they appear, at scale.

Here are some of the latest liquidity sources we’ve added:

  • TraderJoe (Liquidity Book)
  • QuickSwap (V3)
  • KyberSwap (Elastic)
  • Velodrome
  • WooFi
  • and more.

2. From 11k to 3.7 million tokens, and counting!

Search and trade any token. We’ve increased our token availability by 330x, so you can find even the freshest drops within minutes of hitting the chain, while leveraging our aggregated liquidity.

"Even the smallest and newly dropped tokens are easily searchable on Matcha’s new app.” - Antonio Viggiano

3. Search that’s built for a multi-chain world

Many of the most popular tokens already have multiple versions on each chain. This multifaceted, multi-chain reality is only going to increase in complexity, and we believe that DEXs need to offer users a truly comprehensive search engine. With the new Matcha app, you will find all tokens relevant to your search - no matter the chain.

“It is the first time I search for a token and find its versions across chains in the dropdown, all together. This is what multi-chain trading looks like.” - Dustin Teander, Messari

4. Blazing fast

⅔ of our beta testers have found the new Matcha app faster than usual. Try it yourself!

“I’ve been a Matcha user for a while, but wow, the new version is so fast!” - Peter Haymond, Sr Partnership Manager at Offchain Labs

5. Smarter search

Once you connect your wallet, the app gives you recently traded tokens, related assets, trending tokens, and more!

6. Limit Orders on Polygon and BSC

Available now on Ethereum, Polygon and BSC!

7. Sign gas-free token approvals

This new feature allows users to give Matcha access to their tokens without spending any gas, with the added benefit of a frictionless UX to grant approvals within the same swap transaction.

8. Improved UX and UI

Sleek user experience is important for advanced users as well as new ones. A frictionless, clear and intuitive app ultimately results in better trade execution and can avoid regrettable trade decisions.

Matcha is super transparent about fees and trade rates. You know what amount will hit your wallet!” - Hunter Brea Arbitrum/ Offchain labs

9. New Matcha brand

The Matcha look has been refreshed to convey our updated brand pillars and visual identity.

10. New proprietary trade mode: Matcha Auto

11. Implemented meta-transactions

…and more!

The latest Matcha release is packed with upgrades and brand new functionality, and our team is already working on our next roadmap evolution! Try the new Matcha now, we’re excited to hear your feedback and suggestions on what we should build next.

Search, trade done.

Until the next release! Thanks

– The Matcha team

About Matcha

Matcha is a decentralized platform for search and trading tokens, built on 0x’s infrastructure. With over 3 million tokens indexed across 8 blockchains, the decentralized exchange provides aggregated liquidity from 100+ sources, smart order routing, and best execution. Matcha has enabled over $56B in traded volume across 1.3M+ trades as the flagship consumer product by the 0x team.

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